About Us

Malaysia Intellectual Property Elites (MIPE) is a recognition given to outstanding intellectual property elites in Malaysia, such as entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that contribute to the development of their industries, as well as intellectual property advisors who provide professional advice and services related to franchising, branding, copyright, etc. This is in recognition of their selfless contribution and in order to inspire them to continue bringing in or creating more innovation and adding more value to the development of country.

Our Vision

Create a top and exclusive recognition for intellectual property elites to enhance their influentialness and credibility and also to ensure that all consumers have access to professional and appropriate service.

Our Mission

To acknowledge the professionalism that intellectual property elites should have and instill the awareness of code of ethics and best practices to enhance industry standards.

Our Objectives


Mark a milestone in winner’s career and increase their competitive advantage


As a driving force industrial and cultural development, promote positive motivation and competition in the industry and stimulate the cultivation of more intellectual property elites.


Boosting consumers’ confidence in choosing the most trustable intellectual property elites in Malaysia.

Application Process

Why Should You Participate In
This Nomination


Nominees have to go through a strict screening and evaluation process on their abilities and performance in order to be exclusively recognized as one of Malaysia Intellectual Property Elites.


A platform to connect with jury, organisations and other professionals intellectual property advisor and obtain potential business opportunities and resources.

Consumer Trust

Consumer will prefer more reputable brands rather than unfamiliar ones.


A motivation for you to pursuing a better career goal and make numerous breakthrough in the industry


Winners will receive publicity through a full range of online & offline media platforms available to increase visibility & exposure.